Wednesday 6th March 2019

by hahall
  • On Friday, March 8th, there will be a Ray Rocks concert, which the 1st graders will be singing in. It is in the auditorium from 9:15am-10:15am.
  • Students will take their Unit 6 math test on Thursday.
  • Next week is our field trip- please plan on dressing warmly and bringing a sack lunch.
  • I will be absent for a doctor’s appointment on Friday, March 8th, 2019. Ms. Jones will be here, as well as a substitute.

READER’S WORKSHOP: This week we will read A Chair For My Mother by Matt de la Peña. We will practice identifying the message and the theme of the story, as well as track the main character’s feelings throughout the course of the book. We will also design our own dream chairs, just like the one Rosa’s family dreamed of in the book. This book is one of the texts with diverse characters that we are focusing on this quarter.

Sight Words: saw, play, because, through, before

Vocabulary Words: spoiled, tips, saving, single, block

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: We will begin our nonfiction books this week. Students have been brainstorming topics they are knowledgeable about, and this week they will learn more about the language used in nonfiction texts, and how to incorporate nonfiction features into their own booklets.

MATH: This week we will continue Unit 6 in math. We will talk more about place value and equivalence, and review for the Unit 6 test they will take at the end of the week.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: In science we will continue our unit on light. Specifically, we will learn about the direction light moves in, as well as how we communicate with light. We will also experiment with mirrors, and see how they reflect light and images.To begin celebrating Women’s History Month, we will learn about some important women in history in Social Studies. We will read I Can Do It, a story about a woman passionate about becoming involved in the government. We will also read She Persisted, which highlights different women from different countries who have persisted despite obstacles and challenges. Students will write about a time they persisted through something that was hard for them.

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