Sunday 17th March 2019

by hahall
  • Please donate snacks.
  • Thanks to the parents who joined us on our field trip last week. It was a wonderful trip.
  • Our beloved Ms. Jones will complete her final week of student teaching this week. As a token of our appreciation, I would like to put together a bag of books for her to start her own classroom library. If your child would like to submit a book, please send it to school no later than Wednesday of this week. If you have questions- don’t hesitate to email me.


This week we will read Big Red Lollipop by Ruhksana Kahn. This is a great story about a young girl who is forced, by her mother, to take her younger sister along to a birthday party. The book does a great job at showcasing cultural differences and similarities and looks closely at the dynamics between siblings. Consider viewing the reading of this text on YouTube with your child. We will watch a retelling by the author in class. This book is one of the texts with diverse characters that we are focusing on this quarter.

Sight Words: while, place, under, always, father

Vocabulary Words: Invited, fair, plead, scurries, aside


We will really finish our nonfiction unit this week. Students will be creating All About Me books that feature themselves. Students will publish their nonfiction booklets and share them with the rest of the class.

MATH: This week we will begin unit 7 in math. This unit will focus on the relationships between facts. We will use fact triangles and dominoes to look closely at fact families. The students are avidly working on their number scrolls. It is a great activity that highlights the patterns in numbers and allows children to look closely at place value to check for accuracy.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: In science we will continue our unit on light and conduct experiments about refraction and reflection. We will learn about materials that reflect light (such as mirrors) and why certain objects look bent in water.

We will continue to learn about women who have made a difference in history. We will read and discuss I Can Do That: Ester Morris Gets

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