Monday 8th April 2019

by hahall
  • There is no school for students on Wednesday, April 10th. There is no school next week for Spring Break. Enjoy your time with your family.
  • I am posting the report card sign up on the classroom blog. If you have not signed up for a time, please contact me via email. I can not guarantee that I will be able to meet with you on Wednesday if you don’t have a confirmed time slot.
  • Please note that Friday mornings students will be outdoors, weather permitting, from 8:45am-9:15am. Otherwise students will meet in the auditorium until 9:15am
  • Many students have been arriving late on a regular basis. Starting the school day on time is vital in establishing routine and appropriate learning and social behaviors.
  • We forgot all about Friday Letter Journals last week (AGAIN). For the final quarter I would like the children to complete their letters independently. Please look over your child’s letter and respond back! Feel free to use the notebook over break to have your child write to me about their week!


This week we will read Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg. This is a great story about a Muslim girl that joins a class in the United States. We will be exploring cultural differences, as well as discussing why people sometimes leave their home countries. This book is one of the texts with diverse characters that we are focusing on this quarter. We will learn about the sounds of /ng/ and inflectional endings –s, -ed and –ing. We will also learn about words that begin with blends cr and fr.

Sight Words: Again, fly, give, her, let, put– students are assessed weekly on the spelling of these words. They have access to the words on the word wall, but should study the words weekly and be able to read the words without sounding them out.

Vocabulary Words: smog, traffic, dump, smokestack, factory– these words come from the weekly read aloud text, please discuss these words at home


We will continue with our unit on opinion writing. Students will develop their understanding of opinions vs. facts. Students will generate their own topics for opinion writing by sharing some favorites and writing about why we love our Earth.

MATH: This week we will finish unit 7 in math. This week we will continue to work with the function machines and determine the rule, input and some students will work on determining the output. We will explore digital clock and review telling time on analog clocks with the hour only hand. Students will practice their math facts using the fact triangles and will learn a new game called Beat the Calculator.

Please use the fact triangles from the home links to practice addition and subtraction facts

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: In science we will start a new unit on living things. This week will discuss what living things need and identify living things in the schoolyard and in Amanda’s Garden. We will also water our cherry tree. We will learn more about how we can care for the Earth. Students will assist in collecting trash around the schoolyard. We will also learn about the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling.

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