Monday 29th April 2019

by hahall
  • Please send in clippings of houseplants.
  • Please submit snack for 25 kids. Please avoid nuts, dairy and sugary snacks.
  • Please sign your child up for the Ray School Walk-a-Thon. Go to register your child.
  • Return the STUDENT RELEASE form as soon as possible. I am working on my National Board Teacher recertification and would like to be able to include all of the children and their work.


This week we will read various versions of Little Red Riding Hood. We will read Lon Po Po, Pretty Salma, and Petit Rouge. Students will identify common elements within the texts and look closely at character motivation. Students will ask and answer questions about the main character and identify the lesson in the story.

Sight Words: Any, going, from, some, thank

Vocabulary Words: – terry, custard, chat, gracious, escort, considerate, bouquet- these words come from the weekly read aloud text, please discuss these words at home


We will continue with our unit on opinion writing. Students will develop their understanding of opinions vs. facts. Students will continue working on their favorite neighborhood place opinion writing. Students will use transition words as they transfer their ideas into paragraph form.

MATH: This week we will continue with unit 8. Students will complete an open response prompt. The prompt asks students to share a piece of paper between 2 and 4 children and then identify whose share is larger. Students will practice finding 10 more and 10 less. We will combine 2D shapes to make larger shapes and play a new game called Make My Design.

Please use the fact triangles from the home links to practice addition and subtraction facts

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: In science we will talk more about characteristics of living things. Students will compare and contrast plants and animals. We will also look more closely at animal groups and their habitats. In social studies we will learn about how things were different in the past. Students will looks at technological advances of the past including the telephone, the record player and the wheel.

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