Wednesday 7th December 2016

by hahall

Students started sorting activities throughout the week to prepare for their spelling test on Friday including Write In Sort,  Speed Sort,  Word Hunt,  Blind Sort and Glue Sort.

This week we will read Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  Also, students will be exposed to procedural how-to writing with this first mentor text.  Students will dig deeper into the text through each reading. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text. Most importantly, we will discuss character actions and how they affect the story’s outcome.

VOCABULARY OF THE WEEK:  scold, mistake, invisible, plain, enormous

SIGHT WORDS OF THE WEEK:  because, said, was, use, our

We will kick off Unit 3:  Writing How-To books with the class making trail mix!

In Math, we are focusing on length, addition facts using “doubles” and “helper doubles.”  Personally, I enjoy this unit very much.  There are many “Aha!” moments in this unit and it is a great foundation skill the kids will always use.

Sound and Light, Oh My!  This week we are gathering KLEWS (science version of CLUES) to find out what we Know, want to L, what Evidence we want to gather, and Science terms learned from our Sound and Light unit.

This time of year it is all about Traditions! Traditions! Traditions! We will discuss the ways that different people celebrate different holidays. We do not stress the religious meaning of any holiday, but highlight some of the non-religious ideas and some of the fun ways in which these holidays are celebrated. We will emphasize the happiness and traditions of the December holidays. If you wish, as a parent, to come to school and share your special day, celebration, ritual or food with the class, WE WOULD LOVE IT!

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