Monday 12th December 2016

by hahall


I hope you had a great weekend with your family. Winter is definitely here! Please continue to dress your children for the weather. We will brave the cold, if just for a few minutes for temperatures above 20 degrees. Please make sure that your child returned the tradition interview sheet. We are looking forward to having the children share their family traditions on Wednesday.

Notes and Reminders:

-Please try and label any of your child’s winter clothing. If your child is missing an item please take time before or after school to look for the item. The lost and found can accumulate a lot of missing items and I do not like to send students down unsupervised. Each month, the lost and found will be emptied, so please try to keep up with missing items.

-Your child will be bringing home many papers from their mailboxes this week. Please assist them in cleaning out their folders AND bookbags.

-Interested in having out bearded dragon stay with your family over the winter break? Please email me. Care involves turning off heat lamps, feeding fresh veggies and live crickets daily and providing clean water.

-Next week we will make a gingerbread house to go along with our How-To writing unit. Information will be sent home later this week. We need many volunteers for this project and ask that each student donate one item to the project. If you are interested in helping, please sign up on the weekly volunteer sign-up.

This week we will read The Gingerbread Pirates. We will recall key details in the story and come up with an alternative solution to the characters problem. In addition to our individual word study we will be learning about –ch and –tch word endings. We will also learn about possessive nouns. In writing we will continue to work on How-To books, adding a things needed page and using key words that help us know the sequence of directions. In math we will continue our unit on measurement focusing on non-standard units of measure. We will also learn how to create a bar graph. We will continue our unit on sounds this week, by using a tuning fork to observe sound vibrations.



Sight Words: theme, these, so, some, her

Vocabulary: captain, swish, nibble, astonish, enormous


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