Tuesday 20th December 2016

by hahall

Happy Holidays! I can’t believe this is the last week of school before winter break. I am so, so pleased with all the progress the 1st graders have made.

  • Continue to work on high frequency words weekly. Please make sure your child can read all of these words. Students are also encouraged to correctly spell each of these words. Students have their own personal word wall and the class word wall where these words can be found. If students can read these words they will be able to find them on word walls and spell them correctly. I will assess the students on all of the words they have learned so far. This week will be a review of the words we have learned so far.
  • Words their Way spelling assessment is this Friday. The words are the same as last week.
  • This Thursday we will do the Gingerbread House Project! Please plan on meeting us in the classroom promptly at 1:45p for directions for set-up.
  • Please send the required materials for gingerbread houses no later than Wednesday, December 21st. We will purchase any needed supplies on Wednesday night. Thanks for your help!
  • There will be a Winter Assembly on Friday afternoon. A Ray staff member decided to put together a fun winter assembly, more of a sing along.    This was volunteer based so not all classes will perform.  The First grade team has decided to do the Snowey Pokey. Random children from each class will be chosen the morning of to go on stage while the rest will be lining the walkways of the auditorium.  Parents are welcome to attend but I wanted to stress that this is not a formal winter performance.  The entire school will be attending so there will be very limited seating and most families will have to stand in the back.  I don’t mean to discourage people from attending I just want to be up front about the performance so that families didn’t take time off work to come.    Please have your child dress in black and white and wear/bring boots, mittens or gloves and a hat.

This week we will read several versions of the Gingerbread Man, including Gingerbread Cowboy, Gingerbread Man Loose in the School and The Stinky Cheese Man. We will continue to work on How-To writing, culminating with a How-To Make Gingerbread Houses writing activity on Friday. We will play Fishing for 10 to practice adding sums of 10 and learn about adding 3 addends. In science we will dicuss more properties of sounds, including loud, soft, high and low. In social studies we will learn more about winter holiday traditions.

Have a great holiday. See you in the new year.

Sight Words: review

Vocabulary: review


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