Monday 9th January 2017

by hahall

Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope that your break was restful and filled with lots of memory making. I am glad to be back and loved seeing all the children today.

It is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of our dear friend Little Kurly. He was a wonderful little pet and had a short life filled with lots of love from little hearts. I shared the news with the class, took some questions and they seemed to have taken the news okay.

Students are reviewing words from before break and are completing sorting activities throughout the week during Daily 5 to prepare for their spelling test on Friday. Monday – Write In Sort, Tuesday – Speed Sort, Wednesday – Word Hunt, Thursday – Blind Sort, Friday – Glue Sort & Test.

This week we will read The Snowy Day.  Students will dig deeper into the text through each reading. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text. Most importantly, we will discuss character actions and how they affect the story’s outcome.

VOCABULARY OF THE WEEK:  firm, pretend, sank, path, pile, smidge, persevere, determination

SIGHT WORDS OF THE WEEK:  would, make, like, him, into

We will continue Unit 3:  Writing How-To books with a focus on listing materials, adding more details, putting it in a book and using transition words.

In Math, we are finishing up unit 4 with a unit assessment and cumulative assessment. We practiced adding 3 addends and also discussed “10 friends” (10 more and 10 less using the number grid). We will start unit 5, which focuses on place value. Students will learn the digit game and practice identifying numbers in the ones and tens place. We will also work with base 10 blocks to model numbers.

Sound and Light, Oh My!  This week we are continuing KLEWS (science version of CLUES) to find out what we Know, want to L, what Evidence we want to gather, and Science terms learned from our Sound and Light unit. We will discuss volume of sounds and listen for sounds outdoors.

This week we will read two more Patricia Polacco books: In My Mothers’ House and Some Birthday. We will also read Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle. We will discuss the importance of perseverance, setting goals and having determination.

Have a great week!

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