Tuesday 17th January 2017

by hahall

I hope you had a nice weekend with your family. I am so pleased with all of the “Day On” activities that were completed yesterday. I apologize for the typos in the handout. There are several notes/reminders for the week.

  • Please have your child bring an extra set of clothes and shoes if you have them. It’s great to have an extra set for muddy days like today.
  • Thank you for your snack donations. Please keep them coming. We have a nice stash of cheese sticks and carrots, but could use a few more non-perishable items.
  • Please, please, please join us for Raise a Glass for Ray at the Promontory on February 2nd at 6pm. This was an awesome event last year and all proceeds go to Ray School. It’s a great opportunity to meet other families and have a night out. More information is found on the Ray School website.
  • I will not be here on Thursday. Please check-in with your child on how the day went and encourage him/her to be responsible, respectful and safe.

Students received a new list of words and are completing sorting activities throughout the week during Daily 5 to prepare for their spelling test on Friday. Sort and Write, Word Hunt and Speed Sort.

This week we will read The Keeping Quilt.  Students will dig deeper into the text through each reading. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text. Most importantly, we will discuss character actions and how they affect the story’s outcome.

We will continue Unit 3:  Writing How-To books with a focus on listing materials, adding more details, putting it in a book and using transition words. We will also work on introductions and conclusions.

In Math, we are working on unit 5-place value. Students are modeling numbers using base ten blocks, noticing patterns in the ones and tens place and practicing making exchanges. We will learn about greater and less than symbols and play penny dice exchange.

Sound and Light, Oh My!  This week we are continuing KLEWS (science version of CLUES) to find out what we Know, want to L, what Evidence we want to gather, and Science terms learned from our Sound and Light unit. We will discuss volume of sounds and pitch. We will talk about how sounds provide information.

This week we will read Some Birthday and What D\does Peace Feel Like

Sight Words: time, two, has, look, more, write, see

Vocabulary: shallow, artificial, quilt, crowded, coin


READING Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more
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