Monday 6th March 2017

by hahall

Welcome March, it sure came in like a lion! Please note, I typically allow the children to choose their outwear if the temperatures are above 50 degrees. Let me know if you want your child to wear ALL of the layers they came to school in. There are quite a few reminders for this week:

  • Continue to work on high frequency words weekly. Please make sure your child can read all of these words. Students are also encouraged to correctly spell each of these words. Students have their own personal word wall and the class word wall where these words can be found. If students can read these words they will be able to find them on word walls and spell them correctly. I will assess the students this week on the words we have learned so far.
  • Progress Reports will be sent home this week. Email me if you have questions or would like to meet.
  • Thank you to all of the families that have donated snack. The following children should donate a snack for March: EVEN NUMBERS- your child should know their classroom number.
  • Words their Way spelling assessment is next Friday. I have sent home a new spelling practice sheet that is due on Friday. The words cards are to be cut out and kept at home for practice. Your child will be tested on the spelling strategy only, not the entire word. 10 words will be selected from the word cards.
  • We have begun to use DOJO to track behavior. Students will use weekly points to buy coupons at the end of each week.

This week we will read Mr. Peopbody’s Apples. We will talk about the power of our words and learn about how characters can develop through a text. Students will identify positive and negative character traits. In writing we will begin to wrap up our All About writing. Students have been working on drawing diagrams and writing strong introductions. Writing will be collected on Wednesday for an assessment grade. We will add strong conclusions today and tomorrow. In math we are working on problem solving and making sense of a problem. Today we worked on identifying what is being asked and how to use various strategies to solve unknowns. We will take the unit 6 assessment on Friday. In science this week we will look at our shadows outdoors and learn about different solids that are transparent, translucent and opaque. In social studies we will compare everyday objects from then and now.

Have a great week.

Sight Words: thing, our, just, name, good

Vocabulary: dedicated, admire, confused, rumor, judge


READING Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more Read to your child 20 min. or more
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