Tuesday 14th March 2017

by hahall

Looks like winter is back! Please make sure your child wears snow pants, bots, hat, gloves, etc. We WILL go outside and enjoy the snow.

  • Please send a note or email if your child’s afterschool plans Teachers AND children become confused without a clear directive.
  • We have library starting this week- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Please send an extra set of clothes for your child to keep at school J
  • We have begun using class DOJO as an incentive for good behavior. I have 21 parents who are active. Email me at hahall.cps.edu if you would like an invitation to join.



Students will be doing sorting activities throughout the week in their word study notebooks to prepare for their spelling test on Friday. The words we will use are the same as last week. Continue to practice the spelling rule using the words cards you caught out last week.

SIGHT WORDS: before, after, use, old, new


This week we will read Giraffes Can’t Dance. We will be coming back to this text each day as we read and learn something new from it during the week. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text. We will identify author’s purpose and problem and solution.

VOCABULARY OF THE WEEK: unique, crooked, buckled, elegant, entranced


We will finish our All About writing this week. Students will be pre-writing, putting their facts into a booklet, making a table of contents and adding pictures that teach. We will celebrate our writing at the end of the week.

Next week, we will be starting a new unit of Opinion Writing! Students will learn about the contents of opinion writing, read other children’s opinion writing from the book The Best Part of Me, begin brainstorming for their own opinion books, and begin writing.


We will begin Unit 7 this week! Students will learn and engage with fact families, learn about special addition/subtraction facts, and learn various fact strategies.


In Science, we will be exploring reflections and light.


Students are learning about the past and how people’s friendly acts and acts of courage have contributed / impacted families today. Also, they are learning about their family’s past and how it is different from today.


Monday, 3/13 Tuesday, 3/14 Wednesday, 3/15 Thursday3/16 Friday, 3/17


Library P.E.

Warrior Wednesday! Wear Green!

Library Library

Friday Letter Journal


If you read until the end, remind your child to whisper in my ear “newsletter” for an additional

10 class dojo points!!!

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