Tuesday 2nd May 2017

by hahall

Happy May Day! PLEASE NOTE: On May 19th, we will host our second recess fundraiser! Please register your child. The $25,000 raised allows us to have full staff for recess. Without the fundraiser, we would have even less (and less consistent) coverage. This could negatively impact your child’s cherished time of the school day. Raise $50 this week, and be in a drawing to earn White Sox tickets with a parking pass!


We are officially down to our last bag of raisins and need snack. If it has been a while since you have donated, please donate a healthy snack for 23 lovely first graders.


Please submit payment for our upcoming field trip in cash or money order. The cost is $16.



Students will be doing sorting activities throughout the week in their word study notebooks to prepare for their spelling test next Friday. Monday- regular sort, Tuesday- Speed sort, Wednesday- Word Hunt, Thursday- Blind sort, Friday- Glue Sort & Test.


SIGHT WORDS: time, make, first, could, than



This week we will read Just a Dream. We will be coming back to this text each day as we read and learn something new from it during the week. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text.


VOCABULARY OF THE WEEK: smog, haze, future, revved, enormous



We will be continuing our unit on poetry! This week we will be exploring and learning to write color, -ING, and cinquain poems.


We are coming to a close on our second to last unit, unit 8! This week, we are focusing on composing shapes he students will continue working with halves and fourths; then, move into exploring 2D and 3D shapes.



In Science, we will plant, ryegrass seeds, alfalfa seeds and wheat. We will learn about what seeds need for germination.



Students are learning about culture and how geography affects families around the world.

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