Monday 8th May 2017

by hahall

Well, our class is in 3rd place in raising money for the Walk-A-Thon, and students are turning in their field trip forms/money in record time!  Please sign your child up for the walk-a-thon and encourage him/her to raise at least $1 for Ray School.


  • Field Trip Permission Slip & $16 due Friday, 5/11
  • Walk-A-Thon, Friday 5/19
  • Please provide a healthy snack for 23 students.

Students will be doing sorting activities throughout the week in their daily 5 packets to prepare for their spelling test on Friday.  Monday/Tuesday- regular sort,  Wednesday/Thursday- Word Hunt, Friday- Glue Sort & Test.

This week we will read Maya is Grumpy by Courtney Pippin-Mather. We will be coming back to this text each day as we read and learn something new from it during the week. We will discuss the meanings of the vocabulary words, identify the setting, characters and story parts in the text.

VOCABULARY OF THE WEEK:  grumpy, mood, snarled, giggle, escape

As our unit on poetry comes to a close, we will be learning about haiku poems, acrostic poems and using descriptive language in poetry.
We will finish unit 8 this week. We will do more data collections and graphing, as well as making up our own questions to go with the bar graphs. We will solve number grid problems, looking carefully at place value and we will take the unit 8 assessment and cumulative assessment.

We are recording our observations on our wheat and lawn growth.  Also, we will explore stems in depth and begin to look for animals for our classroom terrarium. Please send in any plant clippings you can from plants at home. Can we start new plants from old plants or do we need seeds to start a new plant?

We continue to learn about families around the world.  Flat Stanley will also make an appearance this week!

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