Wednesday 29th November 2017

by hahall

This is Chicago Men’s A Cappella’s (CMAC) eleventh annual Christmas concert featuring festive Christmas music, awe-inspiring international pieces in a variety of languages and jovial songs. We will also include a couple of short skits into the performances to add even more variety to the program. This year we will be holding 2 concerts on December 2nd. The first will be for the Ray School in Hyde Park where the proceeds will be going to the school. And the second will be CMAC’s standard concert. The first concert will be at 6:00pm and the second will be at 8:30pm. During the break between these concerts (approximately 8pm to 8:30pm) we will be serving Christmas themed snacks. So come along for the snacks, skits and singing.

Also here is the link for the online tickets.
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