Monday 12th February 2018

by hahall
  • Students will be permitted to play outdoors on Mondays and Fridays until 8:55am. Students will be escorted in shortly before 9am.
  • Report cards and NWEA test results went home last week. Please contact me if you have questions about either report. I am happy to meet on Mondays or Fridays at 8:45am.
  • We will exchange Valentine’s Day cards on February 14th at the end of the day. Please use card making as an opportunity to practice writing. We love homemade cards. It is not necessary for your child to bring cards, but if they do, please ensure that every classmate receives a card. Candy/treats are not permitted.
  • The 100th day of school is coming up on the 16th. Please begin to think about a collection of 100 small items. Students will complete a set of clues describing their object and will present to the class. Information regarding this project went home today in a ziplock bag.


This week we will read A Different Pond. This quarter first graders will hear many stories that feature diverse characters. We will identify story elements such as characters, setting, character development and author’s purpose. We will use the book to make predictions and inferences. Students will continue to identify character traits that support a growth mind set and perseverance. We will review words in the short i and o word families, brainstorm words with s blends (sn, sw, sc) and learn about long o words with the silent e and vowel pair oa.

Sight Words: long, very, little, words, after

Vocabulary: tackle, bait, callous, lure, trespass


We are continuing on with our unit on All About Writing. Students have now began to write their facts in booklets and are adding details, as well as important vocabulary that pertain to their topic. Students will add diagrams, table of contents and other non-fiction text features this week. Students will work on organizing facts and writing strong introductions and conclusions


This week, we will take the unit 5 assessment and do a follow-up lesson for the open response prompt from last week. Students will refine their responses by explaining how and why they added certain numbers. We will begin unit 6 in math. The unit focuses on time using the hour hand only, more double digit number stories, doubles facts and near doubles.


In science we will use begin the second part of the science unit on sound and light. Students will use flashlights to make shadows and will explore what happens when we move the light source closer to the object. We will learn about Alice Walker this week.

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