Tuesday 20th February 2018

by hahall
  • Students will be permitted to play outdoors on Mondays and Fridays until 8:55am. Students will be escorted in shortly before 9am.
  • Today we had a lockdown/safety drill. We discussed the importance of practicing safety in the same way that we were a helmet for biking and look both ways before crossing the street. We use the acronym PAL (pause, adult, listen) to remember what to do when there is an emergency drill.
  • Please send in a snack for 25 students. We have a few snacks remaining, but are getting low. Please consider sending in fruits and veggies.
  • Tomorrow evening is the Black History Night Celebration from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Our class learned a little about Alice Walker and wrote and illustrated verses inspired by her book There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling me.


This week we will read The Sandwich Swap. This quarter first graders will hear many stories that feature diverse characters. We will identify story elements such as characters, setting, character development and author’s purpose. We will use the book to make predictions and inferences. Students will continue to identify character traits that support a growth mind set and perseverance. We will review words in the short u word families and the long I sound spelled (y).

Sight Words: called, just, where, more, know

Vocabulary: swap, heavenly, revolting, pesky, ashamed


We are continuing on with our unit on All About Writing. Students will work on organizing facts and writing strong introductions and conclusions. We will publish a piece of writing and share our All About Books with our peers.


This week, we will continue with unit 6 in math. Please note, your child brought home their Everyday Math journal volume 1. Please review taught concepts by completing unfinished pages. We will discuss doubles and near doubles this week, as well as reviewing telling time to the hour. Students will add more animal weights and practice comparing double digit numbers.


In science we will use begin the second part of the science unit on sound and light. Students will use flashlights to make shadows and will explore what happens when we move the light source closer to the object. We will read Why War is Never Good by Alice Walker.

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