Sunday 4th February 2018

by hahall
  • Welcome back! I hope you had a great break.
  • There is no school for students next Friday, April 13th, 2018.
  • Parent teacher conferences are around the corner (4/18/18, 12-6 pm). I will send home a sign-up link in the coming days.
  • Students will be permitted to play outdoors on Mondays and Fridays until 8:55am. Students will be escorted in shortly before 9am.
  • Please submit the field trip money ($17) and form if you have not. We are working on securing a date for sometime in May. I will let you know when we have a specific date reserved.
  • Our class will perform in the Rockfest next Wednesday at 9:15 am. Please attend if you can!


This week we will read Under the Same Sun. This quarter first graders will hear many stories that feature diverse characters. We will identify story elements such as characters, setting, character development and author’s purpose. We will use the book to make predictions and inferences. Students will continue to identify character traits that support a growth mind set and perseverance. We will review ABC order, antonyms and soft g and hard g sounds.

Sight Words: brother, sister, says, also, think- SPELLING TEST ON FRIDAY

Vocabulary: terminal, greet, bustle, frequent, ruins


We are continuing on with our unit on Opinion writing. This week we are finishing our book on favorite places in the neighborhood. Students will work on writing a complete paragraph and combing sentences using conjunctions.


This week, we will continue with unit 7 in math. Students will practice solving number stories and learn about defining and non-defining attributes of shapes. Students will practice the routine called “What’s My Rule”. Students will apply strategies for finding unknowns in this routine. On Wednesday we will complete an Open Response that asks students to calculate the number of chars needed for a specific table configuration. Students will reengage in the activity the following day in an effort to improve their responses.


In science we will conduct an experiment that focuses on how our eyes adapt in darkness. We will read Time for Kids: What’s the Buzz and Scholastic News: Tortoise’s Big Day.

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