1st Grade Handbook

06 Jun 2017

Hello Room 115 Families!

I am very excited for this new school year! I am sure that your child’s experiences in 1st grade will be a year filled with learning and fun! I hope that the following information is helpful as we start the 2018-19 school year.


Each student will receive a B.E.E. (Bring Everything Every Day) folder. Important papers will be sent home in this folder every night. In addition to notes and announcements, this folder is where you will find our weekly newsletter and your student’s homework. Please check your child’s B.E.E. folder every night. This folder is an essential part of our communication so it must return to school every morning.

Please use the zippered pouch for important notes and money. Please do not place pencils and other supplies in this pouch.

The folders will be checked every day at school. I will be checking for completed homework assignments, a parent signature (or initials) on the monthly calendar, and any notes or money you have submitted.


Once we get into our routines, the students will receive homework every night Monday – Thursday. The students will have math homework every night, usually a “Home Link”. The students will also have language arts homework (reading comprehension activity, vocabulary, phonics work, etc.). You will be notified of all homework assignments through our weekly newsletter.

A monthly calendar (stapled to the inside of each B.E.E. folder) should be signed or initialed every night after your student has finished all of that night’s homework and you have reviewed it together.

School Fees

This year the school fee for all students is $85.00. This fee does not include field trips. Please let me know if you are interested in paying in installments. Payments are accepted as check, money order or using E-Pay on the Ray School website.


Our lunch/recess period begins at 10:45 am. I will allow children to have a small snack in the afternoon during movement time. Please send in healthy snacks for 25 children according to the snack schedule.

Arrival and Dismissal

Please drop off and pick up your child on the north playground. Students should line up at the class number at 8:40 am. The specials’ teacher will dismiss students from the class number at 3:45 pm.


It is important for the students to arrive at school every day on time. Any student who arrives after 8:45 am must get a tardy slip before coming to the classroom.

When you know your student will be absent, a parent/guardian should notify the main office. Please remember that when your child returns to school, after being absent, you must send a note so the absence can be marked as “excused.”


All birthdays for the month will be celebrated on the last Friday of the month. One family is welcome to bring in a healthy snack per month. We will not allow sugary treats, like cupcakes. Please consider donating a book, pencils, etc. in honor of your student’s birthday!

Parent Volunteers

There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom or school, please complete a volunteer packet, which is available in the Main Office and at the Ray School website.


The Ray School PTO does so much to support children and teachers. Please donate. The yearly membership is $30 per family. Please complete the membership form found in your child’s folder.


  • Dry erase markers are needed for daily math and writing practice.
  • All supplies are used as a community.
  • Consider donating additional supplies/snacks for families that are not able.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your comments, questions, or concerns!

Heather Hall


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